OSM Coverage in France (Normandy)
  • Does anybody have some statistical data of OSM coverage in France? Our vacation in France is less than three weeks away and I wonder, if OSM data are sufficient to navigate there with MFN.
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  • Next year we'll coming back to France, even when it's only close to Bordeaux. But France is great. And I love the Ch'ti-bière...
  • Thank you all again for all this information here. We will start the day after tomorrow via Chamgagne, 24 hours of Le Mans and then Normandy. I will report, when we will be back at home.
  • We enjoyed our trip very much and MFN was very useful. OSM data near Cherbourg seem to be quite detailed, what was even more useful for biking with Oruxmaps. We had no paper backup execpt a green Michelin guide from 2000 (the - sometimes very small - harbours and buildings from former centuries still existed as they did in 2000). Especially on the way back to Germany MFN had some surprises, which i will discuss in separate topics, because I want to check my settings first.
  • I have no statistical data at all, but last year we were on holidays in Normandy and in all trips the OSM map was comparable with the Michelin region map (I want to have a backup).
    Some user (PrzemekSupak?) mentioned that a lot of streets outside cities miss the name, but I hadn't even paid attention to that (They were not on the michelin map either).

    Some other user in another forum mentioned that POI coverage is very/rather poor (a weak point anyway in OSM). If you need a POI not in the map, use the address/location of your travelguide/commercial flyer or look it up in Google when you have internet connection (or already even at home). I add those as favorites in my "holiday" section which I remove later.

    So my personal experience for what it's worth: Very good for routing even at small roads along the coast and the inland. Could use better POI coverage.

    Edit: I had two one way restrictions though in a city that were not in the map. Not a big deal as MNF finds a route around fast enough, but I have no idea whether TomTom maps would have that correct.
  • Thank you very much, very helpful. So I will MFN give a go and see, where we end ;-)
  • France map quality is quiet good. Cities usually are okay, a bit more bad is in the countryside where very small villages are. They often aren't very good. But I think, the turistical area is fine.
  • I live in France, and I use MFN with OSM data. 

    It's all fine from highways to tertiary roads. Minor roads may be missing sometimes but I have never been in trouble with that (I did some edits in OSM though). 

    POIs might be missing or be incorrectly tagged, but in conjunction with the good old Lonely Planet it should be OK.

    And should you like to walk too, footpaths and tracks are actually great, especially in turistic areas. Looks like we are plenty of geeks who like to walk over here ;)

    Thank you guys for visiting us :)
  • @shlublu: "It's all fine from highways to tertiary roads. Minor roads may be
    missing sometimes but I have never been in trouble with that (I did some
    edits in OSM though). "

    Are you now talking about Normandy? I used OSM maps in both Normandy and Brittanny and find them very good, also till lower levels then tertiairy. I occasionally compare between http://www.openstreetmap.org , https://www.here.com , http://routes.tomtom.com  and https://www.google.com/maps

    TomTom is the most complete, but I actually find the differences very small (apart from house numbers). That is in Normandy and Brittanny. (also Netherlands and Germany). Do you mean in other regions of France?
  • Hi @Hvdwolf. I was meaning generally, including Normandy. 
    I've been using OSM data for a while in Normandy, Brittany, Picardy, and Ile de France, mostly. 

    My comment was saying the data quality is good, even though some minor roads might be missing sometimes, without this being a problem (I'm speaking about really minor roads). But maybe the way I put it suggested the data quality is unsufficient, while actually it is.
  • Looking forward to reading from you!
    Have a safe and nice trip... and enjoy :)
  • Hey, that's so nice to hear!
    Welcome back Oldie, and thanks for letting us know :)

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