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  • Hi there.
    It was few times in forum discussed about type text search option. The option is exist, but a bit not user friendly. It's hidden so deep and you need to go from main window thru few annoying screens choosing the State, town, POI type and only the you can write the text #:-S. Then you can show on map the only ONE of all results. And this is not the end L-)  : you need to go back to your route by clicking ALL screens back.
    So, the question is: Would you be so kind to add Free Type Text Search option to the existing search button on map view? [-O<
    Then: Just tap point on map-> press search button-> type text f.e. "pizza" and choose FEW pizzerias nearest to the point. =D> 
    No POI selection needed.

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  • Yes, it is similar, but without free text search option. This was my main point.
  • This is must have feature for the offline navigator especially when you travel to another country (mobile data in the international roaming is expensive like hell). I had this feature on the Nokia Maps and really miss it on MapFactor navigator.
  • something similar exists - click on map, select 'magnifying glass'

  • OK, thanks, we will discuss it

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