Critical Error: Cant allocate memory. Program Terminated.
  • Hello, I have installed MapFactor Navigator Free v 14.1.2 in device with win ce 6.0. While searching destination in Czech Republic around Brno. Program freezes and writes the Critical Error: Cant allocate memory. Program Terminated. Does somebody know what to do with that? Thanks for your answers.
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  • you probably run out of memory, not sure what could be done
  • Run scandisk, chkdsk, defrag, clean up, avast.
    Del or uninstall some no needed programs, files, for Windows swap.
    If You have Windows Panel, run mem setup, and change preferences - more memory for programs/Windows.
    Install Navigator on internal/ or external/ memory.

    I recomend You class 10 or better memory flash card and the last, try close unused programs like mp3/4 player.

  • Hi. I have try everything you wrote but still it do not work.
     I'm using it in car radio. I have 16GB micro SD card class 10. There is 10 GB memory free when Map factor is installed. When i use it to navigate me for example to Croatia, there is no problem. The problem is only in Czech republic with moravia places. I'm little bit bored by it because i'm from Czech republic. :)
    Any ideas how to fix it?
  • low memory is in your device, not SD
  • Del or rename map and download again?

    Try /only try/ edit settings.xml file, section 'RTG' and change limit expansion to 10000???
  • It is possible that the larger memory requirements for Czech Republic are due to large number of house numbers connected to town centers. OTOH there is no simple way (from user point of view) to remove them and check.

    @PrzemekSupak - RTG limit expansion is has only influence on speed/quality of computed routes. I would not expect any serious memory relation there.
  • I had the same issue few months ago.
    Medion GPS with GoPal5 and Miopocket. After increasing limit expansion to 100000 or more, and road longer than 1000 km, routing was much more better, but search time was very long - about 15 to 25 minutes and sometimes the same 'Critical Error' was shown.
    Now, after clear instalation - Navigator is the only program, it seems to be fine.

    *** 'road was much more better', ... but only in theory. The fastest, but with too many crossroads, and local roads, with not complete OSM data, especially speed restrictions for small roads.
    Mathematically was better, in practice only in combination with my own road preferences.

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