Android Version: "The correctness of the data will be checked. Please wait."
  • Hello, today the Android version said:
    "Die Korrektheit der daten wird überprüft. Bitte warten..."
    The checking of data needed a very long time. When you have a appointment and navigator will checking data, then you can forget it. After checking data was no map deleted!
    Please let us checking darta with windows and not with the android phone and please let us abort of this procedure.
    Matthias Pester
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  • do you mean to start nNavigator without checking if map files are useable (present)?

  • It's strange that message appeared at all. I have never seen it, so loading a greater number of maps was never an issue. (I am also using the German version of Navigator)
  • The data are checked only after previous crash, because that could be one of the reasons why Navigator crashed. It takes a long time, yes. If the data are corrupted there is high probability that Navigator crashes again. In normal circumstances the data are checked only once after download is completed.
  • It also depends on the number of maps of course. If you downloaded half of the world it will take a very long time. If you ownly download the maps you need it is much faster.

    I had it test the maps twice after a crash even though MNF has crashed more often. In my case MNF only crashes on startup. I never had a crash during (a long) navigation.
  • sorry, yes i have half the world :)

    @tomas "do you mean to start nNavigator without checking if map files are useable (present)?"

    Yes Navigator crashed before while exit, but not because of data, its just because androuid is a bad system..... it need sometimes a restart.

    Edit: Navigator is only crashing only while exit..... and i believe its a android problem because its not often.

    Edit2: Today was a update, it happens with the older version.

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