How to record (and save) a track/route? No navigation
  • Assume I don't want to navigate but just to record the route I am walking/driving.

    Therefore I need a button/menu "Start/Stop recording" which (when tapped) starts to record the current position every lets say 10 seconds.

    When tapping a second time the recording should stop and the track should be saved into a GPX track file.

    Is this possible somehow?


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  • You will find such function under menu Tools --> Record GPS traces
  • Hmm, I found NO sub menu "Record GPS traces". On my display it looks like the following snapshot:

    When I tap on "Record/Replay/Manager GPS files" then an (almost) empty pane appears.
    I want to see my current position on the map and record the GPS in background (in GPS format).

    Again: how does this work?

  • GPS positions recording -> save as NIMEA.
  • Or save as GPX which is a much wider accepted format.
    When you click the button it will start en you simply "exit back" to the map screen where you have a stop/pause button in the bottom right.
    Your track will be displayed on the screen. I use it quite often for walking without using a route or navigation.
  • Yes, but few months ago I had some problems with GPX.

    Routeconverter is one of the better to edit Your track.
    ... or try Spotme.
  • Hi
    I recorded 2 routes (one as nimea, one as gpx) and it worked fine. My question:
    Is it possible to see the distance that I walked (and/or the total time I used)?
  • click one of the infopanels and select Current journey distance
  • Thank you for your answer, tomas.
    But that panel only shows "0,01 km". If I "play"(?) the recorded route, the speed works, gps coordinates are changing, and that arrow moves across the map, but the distance won't change.
  • I think it is meant for navigation, did you look at odometer?
  • Hi tomas

    One mistake was, that in the settings there was activated "Kilometerzähler --> nur während der Navigation" (~Odometer only during navigation?).

    I disabled that and recorded another track. While I was walking, the odometer / current journy distance worked.
    But if I replay that route, current hourney distance is still froozen at 0,01 km.  And the current speed is "32800 km/h"?

    Maybe I have to load the gpx file with a computer and use another program? (I thought showing just the distance of a travelled route should be easy. Probably I'm doing something wrong?)
  • not sure what you are describing, perhaps you can email your file?
  • Yes, I could do that. But I'd need an adress.
    Or should I just paste the content of the gpx file here / as a private message to you?
  • support (at)

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