Android Color Scheme editor (MNF 1.5.11+)
  • I really like the new color scheme editor. Thank you for implementing it.
    It is a first version though and can use some enhancements.

    Therefore some feature requests: 
    • Color selection: currently you can only select a color from the standard android color selection tool. It would be very nice if you could also enter hex values for colors like cbcbcb (or #cbcbcb), like they are used in the Windows Map Editor. This makes it way more accurate to pick a color.
    • Import scheme: currently you can only export a color scheme. It would be great to be able to import a scheme. This would enable it for other users to "non-destructively" try each others schemes but also to do that for yourself (in case you change your phone; have to downgrade (thereby losing all settings). And finally: If a user comes up with a great new scheme it can easily be implemented into one of the standard schemes of MNF.
    • (low priority): Explain patterns: I have no idea how the pattern creation works (I'm not really font of patterns, hence for me low priority).

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  • @Lubos mentions here : "and if you click on edited item preview".

    How do you do that? 
    I was just about to edit my post to add this as a feature request.
  • color selection, I am not sure about it.

    you can import color scheme by intent(you click on exported scheme in file manager/browser/mail/etc and it will import into navigator).
  • I tried to import color scheme as explained above but when I click on the mtheme file in file manager I can only select "open as" : "video" "music" "text" "picture" (using android 5.1 car navigation system) - do I have to use a "special" file manager for importing to mapfactor?
  • @Moehre11

    Android 5.0.1 and I am using "ES Datei Explorer", , for import color scheme. Only colourscheme.mtheme clicking is mapfactor starting and asking what you wanna do. 

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