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  • Hello,
    Are there any possibilities to improve destination searching module for OSM maps?
    I think that it will be a good idea to cancel administrative division (now we have f.e. PL Katowice - county, Katowice-Katowice, Katowice - district... etc.) and add searchig via poste code. If somebody don't know topography of particular town, he has to chose right district (it isn't simple) to find a street he want to go. doesn't divide any destination address in the field of administrative division.
    I'm waiting for your reply.
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  • Dear Martin,
    Searching via poste code will be very usefull.
    But it will not solve a problem. To discribe what I mean I'll show you an example: PL Katowice, Korfantego street. This road goes through 4 districts. NF divides it for four different parts in the field of district. When somebody wants to find specific adrress, he has enter to all parts, one by one, to verify where the searching house numer is. Similar problem is on town/villige's level. Firstly we have to choose right option of town/villige and after that we cat try to find part of street with numer we want to go to. It s very bad solution.
    Mr Zbigniew has showed in added link how it should looks like.
  • Hi Dawid,
    do you have postcodes area in Poland OSM data? I can see only one "83-442"?
    I suppose that you wrote about addr
  • Hi Martin,
    NF shows only 83-442 but straight majority if not all addresses in PL (OSM data) have tag addr:postcode.
    Serching via poste code is only one thing and not most important I've written above.
  • Almost all polish places have addr:postcode in OSM datas. I mean addr:postcode has been added to nodes with place=village/town.

    It would be very useful if a user could search some place using postcode or at least this information could appear in the search results; something like this:
  • OK, thank you for info. We use postcode multi-polygons which complicates the matter now. Combination with place=village/town would be maybe the simplest way to go (?)
  • If you search Katowice via administrative area (Katowice - Katowice), and then select "Aleja Wojciecha Korfantego ...", there is one option JOINT, which should look for all option at the same time.

    If you select center of settlement/place then you have only distances and besides merging problem you are right that option JOINT is not available. I suppose that you use this second option, right?

  • Hi Martin,
    I haven't found option JOINT you wrote above. Anyway, even if I'll found it still isen't the problem solution.
    To conclude: do you able to improve searching engine and delay all options of choice (town/villiges/street) resulting from the administrative division and leave only one like as Zbigniewa showed? ( Administrative area and poste codes should be only a supplement to the name of destination place.
  • Could I get any answer?
  • Sorry, this "rolled out" of my view. We will have to do the search revision (in your case merging non-connected roads), but I do not know the timeline at the moment.

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