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  • Andriod mobile i am using. Today i got a map update afterthat update i cannot go my saved location.l click the location to navigate it showing route not found
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  • Probably you make something wrong.
  • in navigation its showing route not i can role back my old map?
  • please provide departure and destination in coordinates
  • Usually a route cannot be calculated, when departure or destination is not accessible for the selected vehicle-type.
    Try to use pedestrian. If routing is possible, then may be the new maps have been changed for the streets because of new accessing-rules.
  • Hello everybody!

    Well, maybe nassil did nothing wrong. I have the same problem here. And I found out why:

    When I drive to work I have access to a parking area behind our working-building. This road to that area is private and has only access for delivery. So in Openstreetmap it is tagged as: "access = delivery". So, it is not an road for public access!

    So, when I want to drive home... my starting point is on that private road... 
    And what happens? "Route not found!" 

    Behind the gate of that private road ... everything works normal.

    IMHO, this is a bug. Mapfactor Navigator should just ignore any "access" tags for the STARTING point of a route. Because... well, we are there!

    I wish this could be fixed, soon. Still loving this app!


    :O :(
  • But anyway MF would have to distinguish, that any start or target may be on restricted roads but never the way on route. I wonder, if this is that simple.
  • I reacted on Ando's post in the separate post Ando wrote (
    We'd better not crosspost and spread this over 2 threads.
    either continue this one or the other: not two threads (moderator?)
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