error when updating(MapFactor Version 1.3.43)
  • Would like to thank you first for this great app. It has been around 3 months that I receive this automatic update alert and everytime I click on it it gives the message "No map updates available" and then I see the uploading circle turning round and round without any update happening.

    It gives the impression of a false update alert or simply a bug preventing the update to execute. My mobile is a samsung galaxy young, model GT-S6310N using android version: 4.1.2 and the MapFactor application version is: 1.3.43

    Thank you in advance

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  • try to update Navigator first
  • this could happen when download servers are "out of sync" (it should not happen, but ...). Exit Navigator and start Download Manager again - there is high chance that it will connect to different server.

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