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  • Hi

    I've installed Navigator Free on my Samsung i8000 (Windows Mobile) by .cab file.
    It works fine but sometimes (1 time per day) application connects to internet.
    And when I don't have access to internet, navigator doesn't work (allways trying to connect to internet).

    I was trying to turn off automatic updates, but I didn't find it in settings on application. I was looking on the internet about offline mode but I didn't find nothing interesting. 
    I thought that Navigator Free is a offline application, but I realized that (in my case) it need internet connection.
    How can I use this program without internet connection? Should I pay for product key?
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  • turn off map updates check in settings.
  • automatic updates are not included in windows versions and I am not aware of any automatic connection
    may be you set tracking or messaging on?
  • I think I turned off everything in settings but Navigator still connects to internet.
    Since I blocked internet access (in GSM operator) my mobile is always trying to reconnect in 5 minutes period.
  • what makes you think it is Navigator?
  • because my mobile is trying to connect to internet only when Navigator is working
  • then you set something in Navigator, which is trying to connect, messaging, or tracking...
    close Navigator and delete file settings.xml (take backup first)
  • I decided to reinstall Navigator and to delete other programs, but probably I removed some important file, because GPS-receiver can't find any satellite (in Navigator and other programs which worked before)
    I think I should reinstall whole Windows on my mobile, it'll take some time, but I hope it'll fix my problem.

    Tomas, thank you for your quick responses
  • you probably need to install driver for your GPS

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