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  • Many accommodation places now list their exact GPS location as a coordinate on their booking website, for example format N44.93752 E1.17902. Is there any way in MFN to display or specify or move to a coordinate? I think not, but would be very useful when I am booking accommodation and planning a route. The alternative of performing a search, especially in an unfamiliar country, which I am currently doing, is hours of endless frustration, comparing the map displayed on my phones map with that of the map on the accommodation website. In the Copilot app I can perform this function very simply from a number of different places.
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  • coordinates entry is fourth tab in Search - you may need to swipe tabs to the left, or use landscape
  • That's fantastic tomas!! And will save me a lot of time. Yes, I had no idea there was a 4th tab. The user interface gives no clue that it is possible to swipe across. I always have the phone in portrait orientation for cycle touring. I sometimes find that MFN crashes when orientation is changed between portrait & landscape. Maybe the 4 tab names can be reduced in width to fit when displayed on a phone in portrait mode?

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