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  • I’m planning a route in France WITHOUT Motorway (= Autobahn).

    On the part of route from 43.799551, 7.486256 (D2566) to 43.797185, 7.481737 (D22A) MFN calculates a way with 7,2 km length. When enabling Motorway the route is 1 km long as it in reality is (without using a motorway). There is a motorway besides the road but not ON the road. As far as I can see on a part oft the route is a „motorway_link“. Is there something wrong in OSM or in MFN?

    Regards, James
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  • That's it like in OSM (please provide the link next time):
    Once you want to omit motorways, all "blue" ways are blocked.
    The question now is, whether too much of the those streets are marked as motorway link in OSM.This depends on the traffic signs, thus on local knowledge.

    As far as I can see, MF routes correctly. It is just the OSM data here that should be checked.
  • Thank you for the explanation.

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