Time Failure
  • Hello,

    I use the latest mapfactor version (12.1) on a car radio with Windows CE System.
    All function are operates right, but the the times are not clear.

    If I use the routing modus, I have 3 windows (like time to next routing point/distance to next routing point/ time at target).
    Time at target makes problems. the GPS time is right and the time from radio is right, also the time up to target, but the time at target has an offset of +1.00h+the time up to target.

    I donĀ“t know why?

    I think the first problem can be the that the radio clock can only use the GMT time, (in Germany now we have wintertime) but the radio have no possibilities to change this, it must be adapted over the GMT Time.
    In the
    GPS confingurator is also the actual right time shown.

    Can someone help me or has an simultanous problem?
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  • I am afraid that Navigator is using only system time of your radio and if it does not support daylight saving time checkbox you may temporarily select different zone (?). Do I understand you correctly that if you click on overview of all navigation info the radio system time is correct, time to  destination if more-or-less correct (I would pick some very near destination to check), but the sum is wrong?

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