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  • Since the last UK map update I've had a problem with routing. When travelling east on the A66 through Middlesbrough towards Teesport & Redcar the route tells me to leave the A66 at the Marton Road interchange, take the 1st exit at the roundabout then rejoin the A66 towards Teesport & Redcar. It has never done this in previous map versions. I've had a look on OSM & can see no reason for this. Can anyone help please?

    Motorola Moto G on Android 4.4 KitKat.

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  • please provide departure and destination in coordinates
  • There was a mistake in upgrade of OSM conversion for "Dec 2014" data. There were also stored detailed average speeds (usually used for TomTom data only) and this caused that vehicle profile is ignored. This should be fixed with "Jan 2015" OSM data update.
    I am sorry for any inconvenience caused

  • Which way was your preferred road A66, A19, A174? On my routing it follows the A66 all the way to the Grangetown roundabout, which seems to be the shortest way. I would however always prefer the A174 route as there is less traffic and in my opinion a much better road, much more scenic. Samsung tab2 7 androiod 4.2.2 and motorola motog android 4.4.4
  • Martin - Thanks for your reply. I'll watch for it after the next update.

    Roldorf - My preferred route would usually be the A66. I use that route regularly from Sunderland to Redcar. During busy times the A174 could be slower as it is the main route from the Wilton International site near Reddar to & from the residential areas of Middlesbrough & Ingleby Barwick.

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