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  • Hi,

    My Android phone is slowly dying and my company has switched to windows phones, meaning a Nokia Lumia xyz with Windows Phone 8.1.
    Now I'm suddenly interested of course so when will Mapfactor Navigator also be compatible with Windows phone 8.x?

    (And I know Nokia Here Drive+ is freely available on WP8.1 with full house number coverage and better POI coverage, but very slow map updates)

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  • not in immediate future, may be second half of 2015
  • Maybe I should mention now that my new phone is still Android. I work for a big company and there are so many Android users (some furiously complained) that it has been decided to continue Android support.
    I couldn't care much but I'm still happy being on Android.

  • OK, thanks for info - I originally expected that you will be one of our first "beta testers" ;)
  • Most probably my wife will have a windows phone in 2-4 months. So it might still be an option.


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