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  • Hi,
    I have some questions as how to use the forum
    1. How to insert images from my PC
    2. How to attach files
    3. Find the discussion reference number if there is one
    4. Is there a user guide for this forum 
    I am a member of other forums and the above are very easy to do .

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  • Regarding 1 and 2: This forum does not host your files/photos. In order to display them here, you have to upload them on other sites (e.g. Dropbox) and share the link. Use "Insert Image" (in this forum's editor) to link directly to a photo. That way it will be directly displayed instead of a link.

    3: What do you mean with that?
    If you are searching for link directing to a post/topic, you can copy it from the time stamp in each post, right beside the user name. E.g. your first post here has the time stamp 11:52AM.

    4: I did not see any for users, but I think the editor is self explaining, using the same symbols as in other forums. Maybe you find it yourself here:

    We would very appreciate if you'd add plugin File Upload.
  • Hi Chattiewoman - as always very helpful. Thanks for the info and good idea for the File Upload plugin

    As for #3 what I meant is making it easier to refer to other posts by a unique reference number - but is not a major issue.

    Again, thanks for your help - appreciated

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