Previous routing points not cleared when new navigation is called.
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    I followed a pre-recorded route. At end of destination I stopped Navigation and
    closed app.

    For my return I chose my home address from My Places.

    calculated the route.

    I started following the directions but realised were not in the direction I
    expected and the length of the route was 3 times as long.

    I looked at the overall route and noticed that it was taking into calculation the
    previous recorded route.

    I had to delete all routing points and start again. Luckily I had an idea of the
    correct direction otherwise I would have a nice 60 miles detour.

    add option : 

    “ Delete previous routing points Y/N “ after “Stop Navigation”.


    “Route Info” page after “Stop Navigation” to prompt user.

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  • I am not sure what you mean by "pre-recorded route" - is it route with several waypoints? What version of Navigator do you have?
  • Since a couple of days I navigate with an unchecked waypoint, which remains in the routing list from a previous route calculation. It has to be deleted somehow manually. But because it is unchecked, I just give an ok to the navigate command und have a look later on how I can delete this old waypoint.
  • Let me clarify

    My term of "pre-recorded route" = this is a route (gpx file) created in advance with an application such as RouteConverter or the gpx recorded by Navigator. These routes (not tracks) usually have a small number of waypoints at key locations. 
    Navigator calculates the route between each waypoint but it follows (or forced to follow)  a specific route because of the position of the waypoints.
    This means that the route can be repeated exactly the same way and followed by others as well..

    My issue is that after following a  "pre-recorded route" i must ensure that I manually clear the previous routing points which can easily be forgotten. 

    My request is to automate or set up a prompt to remind that routing points from the previous route will be included. OsmAnd for instance has the prompts but is not as efficient in following "pre-recorded" routes.

    This is evident on both versions 1.3.43 and the latest 1.4.24. Please note that I use Navigator mostly in following recorded routes.

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