Ban on road mapfactor does not work
  • Hello , I use the browser MapFactor with android on my smartphone Galaxy Note 2 , I have a little problem with the calculation of itinerary when I manually forbid roads, despite the option of applying, the itinerary made me go through the routes that I have forbidden, even though it is highlighted in red .

    Why the option (prohibition of the road) does not work?

    thank you for your answers

    Ps: i'm french.
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  • A banned road is not really red but a kind of violet. Maybe you are misled by a red couloured road, which symobolizes a major road.

    Another thing may be, that your start or destination is inside a blocked road. Then Navigator may force to use it. But I am not sure about that.
  • what exactly do you call forbiden roads, please give more details
  • I think he means that he disabled some links.
  • Which profile is active?

    Car (Voiture)? Pedestrian (Piéton)? Or?

    If Pedestrian (Piéton) is active, a blocked street/way will be used. You should try an other profile (profil). 
  • Hello , sorry , yes, when is forbidden road he gets violet ..

    What I wanted to say is that despite the ban on roads I chose manually , roads that I do not want to borrow , the itinerary makes me go through the forbidden road.

    I navigate in pedestrian mode.

    I feel that the ban on roads does not work, the itinerary
    does not take into account.


    I disabled a road

    But the itinerary takes this road , while I do not want

    yes I want to disable the roads , I do not want the itinerary borrows
  • okay, that's the point, you navigate as a pedestrian, and in that mode the ban or block of roads isn't considered. Try to use bicycle (vélo). 
  • Ok thank you for your response , I hope that the creator of the application reads , I 'd like the prohibition manual routes is as applicable to pedestrians , I can not put the bike mode, because it will calculate me not precisely the arrival time .

    Thank you.
  • Well, you could create a new profile with bicycle as base and change all speed-limits to 5km/h. So calculating the arrival time should be okay.
  • You can edit the bicycle profile. Modify the maximum speed from 20 Km/h to 4 Km/h et voilà

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