App crashes on Kindle HDX 7 16 gb
  • I have installed Map Factor (downloaded from kindle shop) and bought European Map. I have downloaded Italian map. When I select Navigate the app shows this message GPS not active but shows me my position on the map. When i try to navigate to a selected destination the app closed itself an return back to the main menu of kindle HDX. Can anyone help me to solve this problem?
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  • Very Good. Now the app doesn't crash. I have anyway the problem that the app suggests to activate gps, but my gps is already activated. Now it seems that the APP doesn't recognise gps. Any idea?
  • what happens when you click on it?
  • FIrst of all Thank you for yours replies to my questions. You've been so Kind.
    With the app downloaded from Kindle Store, when I click on the App appears a choise about what version of maps you want to use. Then appears the Icon Menu. When I choose a destination and clik on navigate it appears a warning: Activate GPS to Navigate. But in the bottom left of the screen appears longitude and latitude of my position. With the App downloaded from the link posted, in the bottom left of the screen doesn't appear longitude and latitude. The function GPS is ON and works well.
  • position can be obtained from wifi, but it is not good enough for navigation
    once you get message to activate GPS, choose Activate - it will take you directly to settings where you can enable it

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