favourites.xml is always cleared by start
  • I am testing navigator free. So I saved some favorites with naigator and found that they are saved in "favourites.xml" with the lat and lon in millisecond format. On that I converted all of my favorites from another program and saved them in the correct format in that "favourites.xml". But if navigator is started all of my favorites is deleted and the "favourites.xml" is empty. If I save some favorites directly with navigator and resave the "favourites.xml" from the pc to the android they would be not deleted!? Why comes this up? I have used the original file and enhanced only in same format as UTF8 without BOM. Could someone help and say what I did wrong? Thanks. Sigi.
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  • Is there somewhere a documentation how this file should look? Sigi
  • Hi Sigi,
    I am bit confused which program do you want to use. The Android version still does not support groups. Is your XML valid (i.e. <>& chars)? Any hint in log file?
  • Hi Martin
    Sorry, yes i'm using the android version.
    My xml editor didn't cry for the "&" chars!? Damn ... i think i get old.
    Then i changed all "&" chars to "&amp;" - and now it is working.
    But i'm very confused why all is deleted and no information written?
    Logs? That's a good idea. I didn't think of them. But i didn't find something about the favorites!
    Thanks for the help.

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