Graphical improvements (antialiasing)
  • Hello, and thanks for making a superb GPS app. I've tried many other OSM-based apps and I consistently roll back to MapFactor for one or another reason. The most important for me, here in Santiago de Chile it has the most solid in-city routing of all. I'm impressed to the point i'm considering buying TomTom maps, as I use GPS almost every day for my work.

    The reason I keep looking at other apps is graphics. Not the main menu which I like, but maps presentation. MapFactor is the ONLY app that draws the map without antialiasing at all. Street lines look jagged, fonts are somewhat ugly etc. compared to, for example, Be-on-Road or Navfree whose map-graphics are far better (but routing isn't nearly as good as MapFactor, at least in here).

    ┬┐Is there a reason why this isn't implemented in the rendering engine? I don't think its performance-related, in this day even the most humble Android devices handle graphics well. I've searched the forum and (apart for color schemes) never found anything related, except one confused user here asking why TomTom maps looked exactly the same as OSM maps... Maybe people buy TomTom maps under the impression they will get a better-looking experience, why not delivering this from the start? :)

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  • work in progress Victor, please be patient
  • Yeah, and the map collors must be more vibrant..... like Skobbler Nav & Maps .... Map looks awesome...

    We'll wait for your changes !

    Cheers !
  • Thanks, I'll be waiting too!
  • antialiasing, more frames per second and what about our perception on the road?
    Maybe it is better like it is?

  • What do you mean with "our perception on the road".
  • well, which image /view / is faster and better to see and understand - smoothed and filtered and with higher fps, or sharpened and more static?
    Long, long time ago Mr. Zimbardo wrote good books about it. in the shop - tv set has demo as option .
  • I agree that routing and good UI while driving are the primary function of the software.
    MapFactor does that wonderfully.

    I never said more FPS, only a state-of-the-art improvement. Fonts are indeed more difficult to see compared to other apps, at least for me.
  • you can increase font size in settings/map colours and settings/map scale
  • It's not about size but presentation :) scaling is not uniform between zoomlevels. Sometimes you tap zoom- or zoom+ once, and fonts become thin and hard to read (from dashboard distance), tap one more time and they look good again... . Like when you change size of a non-TTF font in a word processor. With autozoom enabled sometimes I need to zoom-in/out manually while driving to see names of surrounding streets, which beats the purpose and breaks "perception on road".
    Antialiasing could fix these quirks while improving overall image quality.
  • I added FPS just to discuss about it.
    Maybe please consider interpolation (nonlinear) of each roads?

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