Import of custom POI file causes crash
  • I have successfully created a MCA file using Digger with one POI from a CSV file which I then could also use in Navigator.
    Creating a MCA file with multiple POIs from a csv file does also work in digger but as soon as I try to search in my POIs using Navigator on my Android device it simply causes a force close of Navigator.

    Any idea what could possibly be wrong? Would it be useful to upload my MCA file so that someone could check it?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • source file must be UTF-8 encoded
    please check that
  • You mean the source file before digger so the CSV file, right? I have checked this and when I tried using a non UTF8 file digger simply did not create any output.

    As the MCA file is a binary file I cannot check the encoding of this file.
  • First try I was using digger version 12.1.5. Now I have used version 11_0_47 with same CSV file as before. 
    I got a MCA file which does not crash Navigator but also does not show any POIs. 
  • you must tick 'map' during import
  • Not sure what you mean with import.

    In Navigator I simply goto "Search" -> "POI" -> "Search imports" and select my import. There is no option "map" which I could tick.

    Meanwhile I managed to create a working MCA file. I took my source information which is a KML from Google Maps. Converted it using PoiEdit to TomTom format OV2 and used Digger to create a MCA file from this.

    This fileis working. So somehow Digger seems to be messing it up which creating from CSV files.
  • Most of the time when it crashes during search, it is due to incorrect characters in the mca.
    See also thread

  • I suspect something like this. Is there any way to check which chars are not valid for an MCA file?


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