Split OSM maps: Canada and Russian Federation
  • Hello,
    within 1hour there will be available new maps of Canada and Russian Federation (source Oct 2014) on Early Maps Access, but they will be split into multiple regions. Navigator 14.x and Android 1.3.x should be able to download and open the maps, but as always there could be some detail omitted.

    Please let us know if you encounter any problem.

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  • Works fine in 1.3.43. Maps seem to be correct.
  • thanks for test :)
  • Thank you for splitting the Canada map file into province sub files. It now allows just downloading the change to a province file instead of having to download the entire country file, which is large.
  • What I have noticed: A single streets can be listed several times.
    For example - I have searched for Kyivskaya street in Simferopol (Crimea OSM Russian Federation) and found 4 Simferopols (same city with different set of streets) and 8 Kyivskaya street (same street with different set of numbered buildings)
    I do not sure if it a problem of a certain Map or Navigator in General.
  • There was a serious problem in Russian Federation reported on Google Play. All "stable" maps are temporarily rolled back.
  • Fixed (central part) of Russian Federation - so now is it complete (on Early Maps Access). "Stable" maps will be delayed (in particular "germany_osm_west", "poland_osm"), both already available on Early Maps Access ... so this month will be mix of some old and new updates.
  • @shandreas - thanks for report. There is no valid administrative area, so it searches from city center and the street is split by several roundabouts ... long term TODO, to merge similar cases (I think that first report was in Denmark). So this part is probably as-bad-as it was.

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