How do I import POI's files?
  • I've managed to convert my old TomTom files into CSV files, there are both POI's and favourites, but I can't work out how to import them into MapFactorNavigator. 
    I used GPSBabel to convert the files to MapFactor XML and then tried simply dragging and dropping to folders on the Nexus 7. This didn't work. Can anyone help?
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  • I have tried this tool many times. This is what happens:

    I create new import
    I select a CSV file 
    I click on the correct geographical co-ordinates layout
    I click on select longitude drop down box
    I get a window popup box saying DiggerQt.exe has stopped working. 

    I've tried it many times selecting longitude first and latitude first, but it will not display anything, just crashes every time. 
    Can anyone suggest what might be wrong?
  • Update. I had not saved the file in UTF-8 :(

    I've now saved it correctly and it opens fine, however now I am at the export screen and I get teh following error message:

    Import started, output path is 'C:\Downloads\digger_12_1_5\import\Camping_S_spots.mca'
    [Step #1] : test 319 source objects...
    0 map objects loaded.
    Error: mapFactor exception: All data was banned, cannot finish import.
  • in which format do you have coordinates? I would cut just few lines from that CSV file and try again. If the problem persist, maybe publish link to that file?
  • I now have an mca file, but I don't know what to do with it?

  • Put it into navigator/data folder
    On android its sdcard/android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/data
  • How do I have to setup a 22x22 icon in digger12, that it is about the same size as other icons as for shops?

    Anyway, who has a detailed manual for digger12 ;-)
  • Ok, let me be more specific.

    In window "Object appearance assignment", there is the column "style" with the icon in the first line. Upon double clicking on that field (with the icon) there is an unnamed window with some terms, I do not understand.

    Can someone explain to me in section icon of that window

    scale factor for detail zoom
    minimum scale factor
    shrinking ratio?

    How is the appearence of icons in question, when changing that settings?

    I have found out now, that it helps to increase the icon.png in order to have a larger icon on the map. How do i get the icon size on the map smaller or larger when zooming at the same ratio as icons already included in Mapfactor get smaller or larger on zooming?

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