With a car you can´t drive a cycleway
  • When using Vehicle Profile Car with shortest way or cheapest, then it will drive cycleways.and streets with the flag "Access=no". The Blue Footway in here 50.830126586540956, 12.916647582354809 will also be used.

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  • Hi Matthias,
    this depends on your departure & destination. If for example you have start position on road with "access=no" it tries to route there anyway. If you give me departure and destination coordinates I can check it.
  • This way is tagged access=yes and motorvehicle=no and foot=designated, bicycle=designated

    Should be that way:

    "If an OpenStreetMap object is meant only to be used by specific designated transport methods (overriding whatever defaults may exist for that route type), use access=no in addition to a mode-specific key (foot=designated, bicycle=designated, etc.)"


    and (German)

    "Um aber nicht alle Verkehrsteilnehmer, für die der Weg verboten ist,
    einzeln aufführen zu müssen, verbietet man den Zugang zunächst für alle
    und erlaubt ihn dann für die Ausnahmen wie folgt:

    • highway=path
    • access=no
    • foot=yes
    • bicycle=yes"

    But I wonder, why the given tags don't work. I found in the OSM wiki, this example:

    access=yes,foot=no means that all transport modes except pedestrians can use the element

    So I wonder, why the same seems not to work with motor-vehicle=no.
  • Hello,

    if using a shorter distance from kaßberg, it will not use the footway.
    driving over the kaßberg is not really a good way, but i was just testing.
  • OK, thanks - I suppose that you mean problem near destination next to Bahnhofstrasse. At first sight it looks like area with many restrictions. The start is on footway, next to is is blocked road and the center is "other road". I am testing it in PC navigator, and Android may snap Car to different street (at the moment).

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