• Is there a way to get a sort of laneguide on Navigator 12 free?
    Sometimes only a notification is not clear zo there is the possibility of taking the wrong lane !
    A specialy around Eindhoven in the Netherlands or Brussels in Belgium .

    Will there be housenumbers in the future ?

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  • lane guides are not present in free map data - the only way to have them is to help to make maps better at
    house number search exist, but again, these are frequently missing in map data

    Lane guidance or 'turn lanes' is too complicated to be done by the OSM community only without the cooperation with a professional developer. So let's wait till the testing by Martin and some in the community (in order to implement the right tags) can be continued.

  • There is nothing complicated with lanes in OSM. Simply tag number of lanes properly and use the "turn" key. The rest is up to developers of navigation apps.

    afaik turn lanes work in OsmAnd. At least lanes do. It will show lane arrows with green or yellow for lanes you need to use. Worked great on a trip I had recently.
    I don't live in an area where we have multiple lanes so can't test it much.
  • @Gazer75

    If there's nothing complicated with lanes in OSM you will be able to help me how to tag these situations

    1. Interchange with dual carriageway: I've tagged this primary/secondary interchange in three  different ways. Which one is correct? (by the way: none of these three show up in the current experimental lane assist of Mapfactor, so maybe there's a fourth way to tag it)

    2. For a lane assistant it's sometimes necessary to know which lanes connect to each other in situations where the lane count of one segment (OSM way) increases or decreases to the next segment, or when it's not very clear which lanes of a junction connect to other lanes of that junction. How should the tagging be done in these situations?

    Cheers, Johan

  • To me all tags looks correct. If the nav app do not use them properly then thats not your fault ;) Just make sure all segments have lanes info even the ones leaving the intersection.

    Mapfactor might be using relation based lane system though.
    There is a "turnlanes" plugin for JOSM to make them.
    I strongly advice against using this as its very easy to make a mess of things. People that are not familiar with relations can break them very easy when they do edits.

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