handle display of loaded GPX track like a route
  • When I load an existing GPX file from the Tools menu to display a recorded track, the width is very narrow (maybe just 1 pixel wide) and hard to see unless you zoom in very close. It would be more useful if there were better control over the track properties (color/ width) or the track could be displayed in a similar manner to a calculated or loaded route.
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  • You can easily set the track color in Settings -> Map colors.
    I don't know about the line width. Maybe it is somewehere in album.style.
  • Thanks. When I change the track color from Settings > Map Colors > NMEA/ GPX reply highlight, then return to the map nothing happens. After some experimentation I realized I had to exit the app & restart. This is a bug. 

    In album.style I found a section called editor type="line". I changed "line width for detail zoom" & "minimal line width" from 0 to 1. This seems to have increased the width. It's not a user friendly way of changing a setting though.
  • You are right. There is a tool though to modify album.style. It is

    I never used it as I'm comfortable with colours and style.

  • the map editor has so many POI items but not one for toilet; I couldn't figure out which item was equivalent to a GPX track

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