Keyboard Area
  • First off, thanks Mapfactor, I am really loving the application. I have Navigator 12 (free) running on Windows 7 64 bit in portrait mode (1080x1920) using a touch screen only (no mouse, no keyboard).

    Currently, I am using Portrait Extended, grid size 8,5 (keyboard.xml). The row height is too short, the keys are very tricky to press. I know how to increase the key width, by removing some of the keys and increasing the spacing. 

    I have worked out that they only way to increase the height of each key is by removing an entire row of keys. In other words if I set my grid size to 8,2, the keys are tall and easy to use. But obviously I need to use all the keys. So it would appear that the keyboard area has been assigned a specific space (height x width) to use. If I add any new rows to the keyboard it will just shorten all the other rows to compensate. The keyboard area seems to be taking only the lower 1/6th of the screen. I would like to increase this area to allow use of the lower 1/4th of the screen.

    Is there anyway for me to amend the keyboard area to allow taller keys? 

    Many thanks and keep up the great work.

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