How to add a picture to my profile?
  • This has nothing to do with Navigator, but with this forum :-)
    I'd like to add belatedly a picture to my profile, but I cannot find where.
    Who can help?
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  • Before forum-software update, I have hat an avatar-picture. But since update this Funktion seems to be unavailable

    It would be nice to get that feature back.
  • I see my picture and I guess the other users see it too. I didn't do anything to make it appear. I just registered to this forum using an email address that I had registered a long time ago on gravatar.
    So, register on gravatar with the same email you are using on mapfactor, upload a picture on gravatar and it should appear here. That works for all other forums/blogs that are 'linked' with gravatar.
  • Interesting, thanks.
    Though I don't want to use gravatar, at least at the moment.
  • your picture cannot be extracted, it is corrupt :-(
  • Nice trick with gravatar .
    No signing up needed, just sign in with your Google account, then a wordpress account gets created automatically.
    Since my Google account has an avatar profile pic I didn't need to upload a picture to gravatar

    I use this avatar on geman gps folum, TomTom folums, YouTube, and this folum hoping for improvements in the MF algorithm.

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