Navigator Android can´t load importet .gpx
  • Hi there,
    hope someone can help me:
    gpx from "outdooractive", with trackpoints
    S4 mini with Android 4.2.2
    import with "Route Importer" App
    Apps installed new, Navigator on SD Card
    route is displayed in navigator and can be choosen
    but after clicking "load" I get a white and after a while a black screen and nothing is working any more
    anyone an idea what I did wrong or how I can get the trackpoints in navigator?

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  • just wait, file is probably too big
  • You mention it already yourself: You are using a trackpoint file not a route file or waypoints file.
    Please read this post.
    Please skip the part starting with  "Anyway ...". The route importer app you are using is a way better solution but not for a trackpoint file.

    If you simply want to display a GPX file inside Navigator you need to copy it into /Android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/gpx.

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