• I have recently upgraded my samsung to the new samsung 5 android. I downloaded mapfactor and proceeded to use it. Certain destinations which I chose and proceeded to navigate to were "not found"?
    Even a POI which was shown as a destination was stated as " destination not found"!

    can you help?
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  • If you take a look at openStreetMap at that location, you can see that there is a double gate (= a barrier) to the parking lot. This means that Navigator Free (or any other OSM based nav app) can't route you to the exact destination. You can't simply remove these gates from OSM. They do belong there.

    The only thing I could think of is that Navigator would navigate you as close as possible and mention "Destination (area) not accessible by car. Calculation to nearest point possible" or something like that.
    It's what a couple of other navigation apps (can) do.
    That is of course a feature request (which I also requested in another topic dealing about a likewise issue. There it dealt with a POI inside a pedestrian area).
  • please give one or two examples
  • sure.

    Constantiaberg Mediclinic. Even though it is a POI, when I navigate it says " route not found"!

    going "home ( Avenue De L' Hermite, Fresnaye, Cape Town)" from there it also says " route not found"

    thanks for answering........

  • this point is not linked to road network - there are closed links from Burnham road
    just move destination to Burnham road

    Free maps are created by volunteers at - anybody can join and help to make maps better using their local knowledge. May be you can also correct it?
  • thanks for your input


    will try and see if successful



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