Error report: Navigating from [highway=primary] to [highway=secondary], and back
  • Hi,

    while driving with my car on way ID=3995730 [highway=primary] towards south, the recent "Navigator 10 Free" (with recent data) suggested me to change to way 30171678 [highway=secondary] and back to the primary highway later. This occurs frequently along this highway and is a bad idea in human eyes.

    The software reports that the primary highway has a speed limit of 60 assigned + average speed of 65 while the secondary has no limit and (partly) an average speed of 80. The secondary is wrong, this is a plain german city road and thus standard "50" applies. Moreover, there are traffic lights and crossings on the secondary highway which are further disadvantages compared to the primary.

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  • Hi Dirk,
    speed limit described as an area is not processed yet, and if there is any speed limit (tag maxspeed) available it is used also as average speed for given link. That's probably cause of the problem.
  • Hi Martin,

    today there's no tag "maxspeed" on way 30171678, presumably it's ok with next release of the card.


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