WIN, WinCE irritating behaviour or bugs in version 14.1.2
  • As I want a north up orientation while navigating I set in GPS settings "Turn map" to OFF.
    Then I set up a route with start and destination and let it calculate a route, with car and fastest mode
    Then I click navigate.
    When I now check the "Turn map" setting is has automatically reversed to "Turn map" ON
    I click navigate off and the "Turn map" setting stays ON.

    Even if in navigation you set "Turn map" to off, every time you go into navigation mode later on, "Turn map" is ON again.

    That has very much irritated me, before I found out that this happens every time. It's reproducable.

    What is still not reproducable but happens in rare occasions in north up mode is that the map is not north up, I already had it stuck in south up, in 310° up and in 100° up. Like I said it's very rare but when it happens very disorienting.

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  • As nobody has yet responded or commented on this feature I want to remind that it is still existing.

  • Hi Uli,
    this behaviour exists since (as far as I know) V12. The settings for 2D-North Up Navigation doesn't persist. V14 isn't better with that.

    The other phenomenon, you told, I've had now on my Android-Version. Strange... I've had that just once.

    Sorry, for no help...
  • Yes I know that and I also knew about the existing workaround. But back I think in August MF announced Navigator 14 in their commercial products with:

    GPS satellite navigation

    2D/3D mode allows realistic visual map display
    day/night modes switch colour schemes for day or night time driving
    map rotates in driving direction, or north up

    When I asked for release of the free version, Thomas said soon please be patient. So when it came out I supposed that behaviour was finally fixed. But like we know it isn't yet. I think further development of the WIN/WINCE version currently has a very low priority compared to Android where north up is working. I use it when bicycling, but in the car I have a WINCE device and handling that workaround when driving is not really safe.
    That's why I try to push a little bit


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