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  • Searching for a POI is hard, if not impossible, unless its local to current location.

    As an example POI search, "Current GPS Location" -> "Travel and Accommodation" ->"Railway Station", only stations with the local area are shown(10-12km?)

    If I need to navigate to a train station further away, I first need to move the map around to cover that area, and then do another POI search. Less than optimal and not great when driving. And if I have no idea where the station is to scroll the map, I have no hope in navigating to it.


    Would it be possible to add free text search for POIs for Navigator Free for Windows ?



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  • instead of choosing Current GPS position, select by address or name

  • :-)  Can't believe i missed that in the menus  :-)





  • Search -> OVI -> Search for a a street OR NAME -> Type -> Traveling -> Railway Station

    This opens a list that reveals that the central station in Berlin is called "Berlin Hbf" and not f.e. "Haupbahnhof". After having selected, "Berlin Hbf" shows up in the "street"- field (althouogh postal adress would be "Europaplatz" and although search for a street named "Berlin Hbf" would not work outside OVI)

    I still got my train, next time I'll be a bit relaxter, though.
    discription is for tomtom, I'm not sure about OSM
  • In OSM Maps it lists "Berlin Hauptbahnhof, DB" as header and as text the phone number of the station and the url  http://www.bahnhof.de/#station/17620, what is indeed the correct url for that station.

    But MF does not find a route to this OVI, when set as target, since the target itself is located on rails. You have to tap/select a new target manually on the map near the station and than it works ...

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