*solved* MapFactor Andoid App hacked?
  • Hi,

    my Android APP MapFactor seems to be hacked at 26th of august.

    I have installed the app for some month and got no problems with the app.

    At the 26th of august i got massive connection tryouts from the app on port 6881 to 458 diferent dynamic ips of unity media, deutsche telekom, netcologne, cable virgin, some other providers in czechm, america, france, netherlands, hungary, greece and so on ... all connection at exaclty the same time.

    i dont know who to contact for this issue, so i posted it here. please clarify situation, i have removed this app.
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  • I assume this is the bitlet bittorrent client inside MapFactor Navigator that takes care of the downloading of maps. Was that what you were doing?
  • App Name "Navigator" ;-)
  • ah, yes maybe it depends on upgrading an existing map... its via torrent with direct connections to other people?
  • No, the app is directly downloaded as far as I know. But the downloading of the maps, including voices and world map, is done via bittorrent. And yes, in that case you have direct connection to the other peers in the bittorent cloud for that specific torrent.
  • ok, so i am not so deep into the torrent thing but actually i really dont want my phone to connect to the bad guys out there ;)
    so it seems to be a feature but i dont want it and leave it removed from my phone.

    thanks for your information.
  • Navigator connects to our servers only, regardless of torrent or direct download
  • Ok, then I was wrong (second time today). But the number of peers I get when downloading is sometimes 1, sometimes 2, sometimes 4 or  5. Does that still mean that I download only from your servers?
    Then why are the number of peers different in different downloads? Are not all maps on all servers?
  • we have many servers and connection depends on how busy they are
  • Go to settings scroll down to advanced pick data download type and pick direct instead of torrent. If you are in Europe best time to download or update maps is in the morning seems to be less traffic.
  • Irrelevant doesn't want direct disposure via bittorrent to other users, but Tomas explained that is not happening anyway. No matter whether you select direct or bittorrent download, you only connect to mapfactor servers.
    Your answer about the direct download is not relevant in that case and Irrelevant (BTW: stupid name. It blurs clarity in conversations as you can't use the words relevant and irrelevant properly) really needs to find out whether his phone is hacked. It's not Navigator as he expected, as that one also comes directly from the mapfactor servers. Even more: most hacks do their up/download work when other apps are also downloading to disguise their actions. So when the hack detects that Navigator is downloading (or another app), it also starts to up/download their malicious content.

    irrelevant really needs to check his phone.
    But by now this topic has gone completely off-topic w.r.t. navigator.

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