lane assistant: road sign and displaying lanes
  • This is a spin-off of and especially posts 32, 34, 36

    With regard to the original location with the strange behavior:
    chattiewoman mentioned that she didn't see a lane assistant and I didn't
    either. At first I thought it was an error in Navigator as chattiewoman
    obviously expected to see one.

    However, it is correct behavior of Navigator the way it is currently programmed as the data is not there for the complete lane assistant (lanes + road sign).
    Next to the: "turn:lanes=through|through|slight_right" it should also contain the tag "destination:lanes=||Hannover" or
    "destination:lanes=none|none|Hannover" to bring up the (complete) lane assistant in Navigator at this moment (1.3.24).
    But actually Navigator treats this now as a combined function and it should not:
    The "turn:lanes=through|through|slight_right" should show the little arrows (2 straight on, 1 as exit). (see lane assistant)

    The tag "destination:lanes=||Hannover" (currently not existing) should bring up the road sign (verkehr schild)
    However, Navigator Free expects both tags to be available to display both the lane assistant and the road sign (see here), otherwise it doesn't display either.

    To me this is a bug in the gui as it should be:
    if "turn:lanes=through|through|slight_right" or "turn=through|through|slight_right" => display lanes
    if "destination:lanes=||Hannover" or "destination:lanes=none|none|Hannover" => display road sign

    (this makes it immediately a feature request to implement it as two separate functions)

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  • There is more to this.
    Even if both tags are available, as Navigator currently expects them to be, it is not always functioning correctly.
    Say we have below mentioned situation
    | | |
    | | |
    | | |
    | | |    /
    | | |   /C
    | | |  /
    | | | |     
    | | | |   /
    | | | |  /
    | | | | /
    | | | |/ B
    | | | |
    | | | |
    | | |/ B,C
    | | |
    | | |
    | | | 
    A A A

    We have three ongoing lanes to destination A and an exit mentioning destination B and C.
    A little bit further we have an exit to destination B. Destination C is ongoing and slightly later bending off.
    All turn:lanes and destination:lanes are tagged correctly for all lanes/exits.
    When taking the exit, B and C are nicely displayed in the top-left road-sign and we see the lane assistant (the pictures are not depicting the several situations encountered. They are only informational)
    If we then decide to take exit B, I would expect another road sign in the top-left only mentioning B (as it has changed compared to the previous situation). However, we do not get a road-sign but we do get the lane assistant.
    If we decide to go a little further and take exit C, we do get a road-sign in the top-left mentioning destination C and we also get the lane assistant.

    It seems that a second exit is not taken into account for the road sign.
  • Hi hvdwolf,
    please check old forum threads:
    I would need particular example (way ID) to verify the status.
    p.s. note that there was not much progress in 2014 on this topic

  • I'm sorry. I was wrong :(

    I mixed up a completely correctly tagged cloverleaf interchange in Germany with a partly near complete cloverleaf interchange in the Netherlands. While getting your way id information I discovered my mistake.
    I did a complete strike-through of my second post but leave it in to maintain history and relation in this thread.
    My first post still stands however although you can also say that you want complete tagging for a complete lane assistant.
    Thanks for the reference to the other threads. They were quite informational.

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