Reading maps without gps
  • My phone will not read a SIM anymore so I cannot use data. I downloaded mapfactor to be able to look offline at the maps. The maps have downloaded but won't open unless GPS is online. I cannot see anyway to turn on GPS without wireless and also I don't understand why I can't just view the maps as they are. Be grateful for any help asap as I am travelling and tis a real issue right now.
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  • Hi Jennifer,
    this is not so, you can open Navigator without having GPS.
    not sure how you arrived at this.
  • What exactly happens/is diplayed when you open the app, and then click on big button "Maps" (with GPS turned off)?
  • When I open the app I see a screen that has 9 options
    1.  search,
    2. navigate,
    3. route info
    4. myplaces,
    5. tools
    6. map
    7. settings
    8. map manager
    9. exit
  • Then when I click on map and get a big stop hand and note saying gps is offline

  • Interesting ...
    I mean 6. map.

  • Are we really talking about a phone (which?), or the PC version of Navigator?
  • not sure what @mdx means
  • This was for user mdx to read ...
  • Sorry still I don't understand.. If you want you can access my phone with team viewer - you sound like you know what you are doing
  • :-)  no, I am just a normal user, just like you. I am just quite active in this forum.
    The only two guys from MapFactor, who are answering in this forum, are tomas and mdx. So let's wait what they say to your error message which according to tomas, never should have appeared.

  • OK. Thanks anyway. Tomas seems to have dismissed me out of hand. Perhaps it 'shouldn't' happen but it has!
  • That's why we have to wait for mdx. I don't know whether he is the app developer, but other than tomas, he has the insight into the code.

    mdx, your turn, please ;-)

    PS: By the way, tomas is right that the app actually is able to show the map without GPS. I have never seen this error message neither. Must be something special with your device. But hey, believe me, there are some (or lots?) of issues, that only affect my device ... All documentated in this forum ;-)
  • oh  - mdx is a PERSON!! Let's hope he can help
  • if I switch location services off, I can still see map
    and I know that users used Navigator on Kindle, which does not have GPS
  • Did you check your system settings? In my previous phone (Alcatel) I could switch off GPS to save power. But not one single application could switch it on again. I really had to do that in the system settings and then my apps could use the gps again.
  • Hi hvdwold, the point is that I want to find out why I can't use the maps without gps as tomas says should be possible. Hoping that mdx can shed some light. Just telling me it's possible without a how is not helping.
  • No light from mdx - Tomas is right, and I can only verify it tomorrow back at work - what version of Navigator do you have? There is "hand icon" in normal operation, and you will get message in info panel, that you do not have GPS ... try search and show on map ... maybe you have location somewhere in the middle of ocean.
  • HI MDX, I am in Italy (on land!).
  • Hi Jennifer,
    That is not what MDX means. If your device doesn't have GPS coordinates, it might well go to 0,0 which is in the middle of the Antlantic ocean. So please search for a town (Roma?) and try to display it on map.
  • Hi Jennifer the samsung galaxy S4 mini has GPRS. See this pdf file for instructions on how to turn it on

  • 'My phone will not read a SIM anymore so I cannot use data.'

    Jennifer, could You please explain, what it mean. SIM card (Subscriber Identity Module), or maybe flash memory card connected to Your phone?

    Check in map manager, if You have maps.

  • Hi,

    Well, what it says Jennifer, I also see it. If the device does not have GPS, the app has a blank screen and says "not detected position" 
    That is it is logical if Navigator does not know where it is, that map will show? 
  • Äähm. Why should you have online capability for GPS? Off course GPS as such does not need data. Only so called assisted GPS (aGPS) downloads up to date satellite data, which help to speed up finding satellites and "fix" them. But GPS also works without such assistance, just time to fix them may be longer. S4 mini also has Glonass capability, which is location service by Russion satellites. It also need no data capability.

    As somebody earlier said just to not tap just "map". You may up somewhere where you have no map downloaded or in the middle of an ocean ...

    From the S4mini manual to activate GPS:

    Quick setting panel
    From the quick setting panel, you can view your device’s current settings. Drag down from
    the status bar, tap
    to open the quick setting panel, and then use the following options:
    : Activate or deactivate the Wi-Fi feature.
    : Activate or deactivate the GPS feature

    There is no data capability as preconidtion.
  • I have a tablet without GPS and without SIM slot and Mapfactor Navigator works fine, showing maps and letting me plan routes, etc, even with wifi turned off and without of course, detecting my position.. and I am in Italy too :)
    I have no idea what's happening with Jennifer, sorry.

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