Navigator displays german instead of indigenous city names.
  • I am using Navigator for Android with OSM maps. It's a fantastic App. Unfortunately, it displays the German instead of the indigenous city names. At least for Hungary and Slovakia. It displays Raab instead of Györ, or Wartberg instead of Senec. It's nice that it knows the German names. But it's not helpful at all for navigation purposes. Because all street signs are showing the local names of course.

    Is this a bug or is this on purpose? Or is there a setting somewhere to change that? Didn't find anything.

    Many Thanks,
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  • It is the same for CZ. It is hard to know where you are, if you have only the (old!?) German names on the maps and the Czech name on the road signs.
  • it is already under development, please be patient
  • At the moment this is default by your language selection, so you have probably German selected (names will change if you switch to English, Czech or Slovak).
  • If I change to Czech language, I will no more understand the menu. May be, we need a separate option, which let us choose just the language for text displayed on the map. Then I have the German menu and the name of a city as I find it on road signs ...
  • I now an app :) who has an interface language and a map language.
    The interface language is for the Gui, the map language (of course) for the names of cities and so on on the map. You can display in your language or local language or whatever language you select. If the selected map language is not available it will display it in English or the unqualified name (so the "name=" instead of "name:de=" or "name:cz=" or "name:nl=")
  • yeah ... that's what Tomas wrote it is already under development, please be patient ... but it won't be in 1.3.x
  • The workaround I am using until it is fixed is to set the GUI language to English. That way the native city names are used (probably because there are no English names for them). And the Gui is still usable. (Unless you don't know English. But in that case you are not reading this forum entry anyway.)
  • Is this still under development? The app hvdwolf mentioned above does exactly what I'd like to see in MFN.
  • please install this version
    and go to settings/map language
  • Great! Is this also available in PC-version?
  • No it is not avaible in PC version

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