Pre-sale question
  • Hi!

    If I purchase: 

    Will TMC work for me in the UK? (I know the Free version does not work, except in Germany)

    And finally, when using the TCP command on Navigator 12 Free (Windows):
    $icon_new=42;50.074525,14.409428;"C:\My Pictures\Icons\icon1.ico"
    I get "License error" in return. What's the problem? Does it work with Paid version?

    John Jore
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  • yes, with TomTom maps it will work

    how many icons have you put on map?
  • TMC: Thanks for the confirmation.

    Icon: First one fails. Bug in Navigator Windows?


  • The number is limited by license and I just checked what you did:
    (FREE key)
    $icon_new=42;50.074525,14.409428;"C:\My Pictures\Icons\icon1.ico"
    license error

    (development key)
    $icon_new=42;50.074525,14.409428;"C:\My Pictures\Icons\icon1.ico"

    You pay extra for tracked icons (i.e. "standard key" for Navigation does not allow it)

  • Hi and thanks for confirmation.

    If I buy Nav 14 for windows, how many icons can I insert? 

    To put this into context, I wrote the MapFactor plugin for Centrafuse, and what I'm trying to do now is write a plugin that connects to a traffic information source like Transport for London, and insert icons showing road incidents etc onto MapFactor's map using the TCP commands. As this must be done in real-time, I can't pre-create MCA files using digger, but must use the $icon_new command.

    However, there is no point in doing this if Nav 14 for Windows is too limited in the number of icons it can show.

    Btw, can I have a developer license?  :)


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