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    if I set the following coordinates as destination: long. 7.395680, lat. 53.219458 (Jemgumer Weg 3, Bingumgaste) I get the message: "Routing not possible".
    There are no road restriction at all in this area and I allowed the program to use any kind of roads for navigation.
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  • Da steht in der Sackgasse Jegumer (also ohne m nach e) und die Sackgasse ist eine Einbahnstraße, die nur aus der Sackgasse herausführt, nicht aber hinein. Das wird das Problem sein. Wenn Du das Ziel aus der Sackgasse raus setzt, findest Du auch eine Route.
  • The correct name is "Jemgumer Weg". That was a mistake in OSM. This part of the "Jemgumer Weg" is the driveway to No. 3, Jemgumer Weg and I can drive it in both directions. I already change this in OSM.
  • as far as I can see it is oneway street with dead end, so you cannot enter it from anywhere
  • In the moment I'm working in this area and had to find this adress (Jemgumer Weg 3). It isn't a oneway street, only a simple driveway part of the "Jemgumer Weg" leading to "Jemgumer Weg" No. 3 as dead end, that can be entered from "Jemgumer Weg" and on the same way I can leave the property to "Jemgumer Weg" again.
  • it is marked as oneway street in osm
  • That is a mistake in OSM and I have edit this.
  • thanks, it will be in August release

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