"North always up" view?
  • Hi,

    I was very pleased when this feature appeared - I used paper maps long enough to prefer the additional information; unfortunately, on the small screen of my Galaxy S2 it is completely useless.

    The avatar is in the same position as in the conventional "My current direction is up" view.

    This means, that driving due west puts its tip a few millimetres away from the big square with the arrows that preview the next turns you'll have to make.

    I feel that in this view the avatar MUST be positioned in the centre of the screen!


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  • Can it be that you are not using an uptodate version 1.2.50+
    On my Galaxy S1 in north up mode the cursor is more or less in the middle.
    I think it has the same screen size.


  • Oooops... how embarassing - I intended to write the above post for so long (and always forgot when I was near a PC) that in the meantime there has been a new version - And I never again used the North Up mode, so I never realised this had been fixed!

    Thanks for the info!



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