Auto-Zoom not applied in map mode
  • I was using Android app version 1.2.48 during a tour - not in routing mode, but only viewing the map.
    Although auto-zoom was activated in my settings, it was not applied in this mode. I had to zoom manually.

    I am not quite sure, but I thought the auto-zoom feature in map mode worked in earlier app versions, thus I place my inquiry under "Bugs".

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  • autozoom is for navigation mode only and it has never been available in map view
  • Ok, thus I'm now proclaiming it as feature request :)
  • how would it work?
  • How does it work in navigation mode?
    You analyze the current speed (or whatever it actually is) and adjust the view. Works only when GPS is on, of course. If it is off, nothing happens.

    What do the other users think?
  • this is question for mdx, but it is not just speed, it is also distance to the next maneuvre

  • I'm one of the other users. For me, this is not interesting. I never use the automatic zoom functionality. I prefer zooming on my own. While navigating or just driving.

    But that's just my opinion.

  • OK, then let me explain why I'm asking for it:
    As I am an active OSM mapper, I sometimes want to control the maps while driving in my car: Is my current GPS position on a road, or too far off because of a bing map offset? Is anything missing, e.g. minor roads or maxspeeds?
    Without the autozoom, the currently chosen zoom level is not alsways helpful to determine all these and I have to adjust manually. A bit critical while driving ;-)
  • I think that is a good idea. If you are driving slow (looking for a signpost, street, it would help to have a zoomed in view of the map even if not navigating.
  • Map mode
    Tricky is to determine: when to start the auto-zoom? I think there is no good automatism available, as often, maybe in pedestrian mode?, auto-zoom is not necessary.
    Thus, I suggest to provide a button in the map to start and stop auto-zoom.
    By default, auto-zoom is disabled.

    Navigation mode
    The function won't be changed: no button on th emap, but setting is considered. The setting item should be renamed to make clear that it is applied in navigation mode only.
  • Why not just have the auto zoom level set react to driving speed as well as distance to next manoeuvre. The slower you go the greater the zoom. This would help when driving through villages at 30kph.

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