no route found message after rerouting
  • Hello,
    I'm using NavigatorFree v.12.1.10 on a MobileWindows-PDA.Sometimes 
    the following Problem occurs: during the navigation, when I left the
     track and the navigator has to reroute, it says “Route nicht 
    gefunden“ and prompts “Routing nicht moeglich“. After that, the 
    navigation stops.
    If I start a new navigation right from the same point, the route is
    found and navigation works again.
    But to press serveral buttons when driving a car is very annoying. 
    So I'm loocking for some help to fix that problem.
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  • If Navigator fails to find a route it tries to recalculate after some distance. By "After that, the navigation stops" do you mean that you are not getting  instructions for some time or navigation panels disappear?
  • Hi mdx,
    I meant, that I don't get any instructions. But the navigation panel stays aktive.

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