Navigator vs Sygic?
  • I am trying to decide between Navigator's excellent "Start/ Begin, via, & Finish" flags vs Sygic's automated route with drag and drop and no provision to begin a route away from home/ or only where your at.  Sygic has automated "optimize" and thank fully I don't see that in Navigator.   However, Navigator does have some shortfalls too.

    Another plus for Navigator is the Desktop planning provided (None for Sygic). Yet forcing a route (road)  using the barricades seems to be ignored by Navigator.     
    If you take the time to "set" barricades and there is an equal roadway and it shows up in my "routing points" why does Navigator ignore these so much of the time?!    You  take the time to stick vias (go) and place barricades (don't go) which defines intent!  Many of these are equal distance and speed limits etc.

    What's up with this?
    TIA   Win7 and Nexus 7, Galaxy S rooted & rom'd

    And Sygic does not have a forum like this at all.

    I have since  posting this made changes to "Route Setup" and it has made a positive difference.  Now Green is:  Motorway, Primary Road, Major & Secondary, Local Road of High Import., Local Road and Small Local Road (7)................  all others are Red.
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  • Hi Carl

    Not sure if your problem is solved now!
  • Roldorf,

    It is particular important when one leaves the "Start" position that initial turns onto your first roadway be as you've delineated.................  using "waypoints" should be enough but I had to resort to posting "barricades".   Even these would be ignored which negates complying with my desired directions/route etc.

    Eliminating  2  minor roads in "Route Setup"  in Navigator 12 has been the only changes made......................  and now I see Navigator complying with my plan.   So simple a fix but we'll see if it continues fixed?!

    Note:  Sygic would do it incorrectly too and no way to correct that I can see.  It has a way to block road segments but is cumbersome to use.    

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