Why do all my routes start from home address.
  • Newbie to Navigator on Android.

    I try to set up a route from A(my home address per GPS/phone location) to destination B. Then a further route from B to C. Then a final route from C back my home address.

    So have all three saved as MY ROUTES. but when I try to 'navigate' when not driving to check routing, Navigator keeps jumping the route start back to my home address.

    Also, in plain English, what does 'preference' mean in road restrictions.??
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  • "Navigate" means, to drive to your selected destination - but from your current GPS location, which actually makes sense.
    If you want to check a route with another starting point before navigating, you do that by setting start and destination points (= routing points), click tab "Itinerary" and click functions "Calculate route" and "Show on map".
    Additionally, you also have the possibility to view a simulation under Tools.

    Did you already check these? http://www.mapfactor.com/pn12/
  • Yep, I see where I was going wrong now. Now works a treat.

    But i am still not sure how 'preference' works on road conditions.

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