Route Not Found But Navigation Starts
  • This is an annoying bug that could be fixed. If I enter a destination and Navigator doesn't find a route it will start a navigation anyways. After stopping that navigation Navigator is out of order  and needs to be killed.

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  • The reason to start anyway is that it could be caused by temporarily wrong GPS position or single unconnected link. Can you try latest 1.2.50+ from which contains many bugfixes?
  • It's the same. It's 100% reproducible. I accept that this will never be fixed.
  • how do you nter destination which Navigator does not find?
  • Just normal. The way doesn't really matter.

    First example: Flughafen Kindel. You need Google to find: It's an airport. You can go there but not on the runway.

    Second: Mosel-Maare-Radweg in Schalkenmehren

  • The flughafen Kindel is not in Kindle it is in Hörselberg-Hainich. If you enter flugplatz str it will find a route, however the streets around the  flughafen (am flughafen) are not named in OSM so unless you pick the street from the map you wont find it in a search. Also some of the streets are not connected. Only way to fix this is to become a member of OSM and edit the maps. I tried to replicate your problem and chose the flughafen as a destination by picking it from the map display. I did get a route not found (there are no streets connected to this short stretch), but navigation did not start so was unable to reproduce your problem.
  • That was not my problem. I just wanted to provide examples.

    What device do you use?
  • If I search OVI for airport MFN navigates me just to the helipad of Eisenach hospital :-o OSM tags are aeroway helipad and landuse aeroway.

    "Flugplatz Eisenach-Kindel" is not in the list of MSN, but it exists in OSM data as "aerodrome".
  • Without Google you can take Flugplatz Eisenach-Kindel. The bug will be the same. Navigation and then Navigator is like dead.
  • Where to "take flugplatz ..." or to find it?

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