Remote Command Interface (Android) and Map View
  • Hi guys,

    When I send the destination to navigatorfree/android with the $destination command, the navigation starts but the app does not switch to map view, it remains in the main menu. Is there a way to switch to map view?

    My command is: $destination=<lat>,<lon>;navigate

    I am using navigatorfree v1.2.48 and the procotol version 2.1.1

    Thanks for your help.

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  • When switching to text menu in settings, mapfactor starts automatically in map view instead of displaying the graphical menu. This settings-entry is obviously removed in v1.2.48, downgrading to 1.2.25 from Google Play solved the problem.
  • Hi Tomas, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, this did not change anything. The v1.2.50 behaves similar to the v1.2.48: the route is calculated but the app does not switch from menu into the map, I am only hearing the message "Route wird neu berechnet"; it navigates in the background and the entry in the settings regarding the menu mode (text/graphical) is still absent. However, it seems that the app does still care about the setting in the config file as after upgrading from v1.2.25 with text menu to v1.250, the text menu appeared again and was only set back to graphical menu after resetting the configuration to factory settings.
  • go to settings and click Send logs
  • Sorry for the delay, the logs were send.
  • Any news on this?
  • I cannot find any email from your address - where did you sent it?
  • My Android device sends mails from a different e-mail address. Can I send you this e-mail address via PM?
  • send logs again and describe what the problem is
  • Ok, done. Now with my e-mail address.

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