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  • I have been trying to download updates to UK maps for a couple of weeks now on Nexus 5. Downloading 250MB over my network data keeps freezing after anything between 2 MB and 23MB. In frustration I switched to my Wifi (which is quite expensive and capped) and it has downloaded the updates without any problems. My question is, am I doing anything wrong? I had tried different settings and left the phone for several hours but it completely refused to download maps over my network. Running at hspa+. I can't keep using my Wifi allowance because it's too expensive. Round trip to local Wifi hotspot is 14 miles. Any suggestions please as to why it won't download over my network data? Thanks.
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  • Did you try to switch from direct download to torrent download in extended settings?
  • + try to install the latest 1.2.48+ from (currently in stage release on Google Play)

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