Create Shortcuts in Navigator12?
  • Hello All,

    i tried to create some more shortcuts in Default_settings.xml. I tried to add another <virtualKeyBinding> block, to add a hotkey to change the day/night mode, with "ToggleNightMode" action. But it wont work. Any idea, what i do wrong? I would love to have 4 more shortcuts for ToggleNightMode, jump to TMC messages and change the volume of Navigator. Is there a way to do so? And if, how? Is the default_settings.xml the right file to add this?

    Any help would be nice...

    Thanks in advance,

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  • Can you paste here how you did it? (just the section related to "ToggleNightMode")
  • Hello!

    I finally realized, i put it into the wrong file. If i put following section into settings.xml which rely in the userpart of Windows (c:\User\....) it well work:


    The vkCode is a virtual keycode which i pick from following list:

    Now i am looking for more Action keywords, like toggle the tmc window to assign
    this to a button too.

    When i can assign a key to a function in mapfator i then can assign a key onto my
    steeringwheel remote to it with eventghost. This works great with the actions i know
    of. Is there a complete list of the supported action keywords? I would love to switch
    on/off that tmc window so badly.


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