Navfree disregards bollards between Lange Brücke and Große Arche, Erfurt
  • Hi, if you try to compute a route between Lange Brücke (All, All) and Große Arche (All, All) in Erfurt with a fresh passenger car profile selected, Navfree [edit MapFactor Navigator FREE] will show a route that crosses the bridge. That bridge has bollards, they're in OpenStreetMap ( ) and have been for four years, and are not marked passable.

    This is not actually a route that cars can actually drive.
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  • - Navfree ist nicht Mapfactor Navigator. (dieses Forum)
    - Die Brücke selbst ist nicht für den Fahrzeugverkehr als gesperrt getaggt.
    - Ein Problem mit Pollern gab es vor kurzem schon einmal in diesem Forum. Ich glaube, daran wird gearbeitet.

    - Navfree is not Mapfactor Navigator (this forum)
    - The brigde itself is not tagged not to be suitable for cars.
    - A problem with bollards has been reported recently in this forum. I think, they are working on it.
  • - Sorry, Ich meinte MapFactor Navigator FREE, mir war nicht klar dass NavFree eine separate App ist.
    - Die Brücke ist nicht gesperrt als solches, sie ist nur nicht zugänglich. Wegen den Pollern an beiden Enden.
    - Na dann.

    - My apologies, I meant Navigator FREE; I didn't realize NavFree was a separate product.
    - The bridge is suitable for cars, it's just not accessible to cars due to the bollards.
    - Well then. :)
  • I had a similar problem in Göttingen with bollards behind the city hall.
  • barrier=bollard was recently added, so it should be correct in June 2014 data - if not, please let us know
    p.s. currently are blocked following values:
    (tag_value='block' OR tag_value='fence' or tag_value='gate' or tag_value='bollard')
  • Thanks! It works great here for cars.

    Danke! Funzt super für Autos.

    One small issue I still see: bollards should be passable for bicycles.

    Noch ein kleines Problem: Poller sollten Fahrräder durchlassen.
  • Bollards in OSM always imply access=no, foot=yes and bicycle=yes (unless you add these tags individually).
    Bollards should not have been implemented in Navigator until pedestrians are considered correctly in MCA. We have lots of footways that begin and end with bollards ...
    What about bicycles? Is at least here the "special bit" already available? If so, please consider as soon as possible.
    Best, of course, is to add the access-bit to all profiles.
  • I inserted bollards at three places in OSM data during the first half of this week. I found it a bit tricky to manage. On two places there was no other point of the line where the bollards in reality exist und I did not find a way how to insert additional points to an existing line in OSM using IDeditor. Does anybody know? Anyhow I hope it will work in MFN an will check the next months to come.
  • Schreib mir mal in OSM, gleicher Name wie hier....

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